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In 2011, CogniMem Technologies Inc. is established and headquartered in Folsom, California; its mission is to market the hardware based neural network technology and develop the next generation of pattern recognition chips targeting usage models in sensory devices as well as cognitive computing systems.

In 2010 - 1993, Intel/Nestor with DARPA co-develop the NI1000 utlizing the RBF non-linear classifier. DARPA Report Around the same time, IBM validates and patents a similar architecture with a project utilizing a RBF non-linear classifier.

US Patent # Patent Description
US-5717832 Improved neuron circuit architecture
US-5710869 Daisy chain circuit for serial connection of neuron circuits
US-5701397 Circuit for pre-charging a free neuron circuit
US-5740326 Circuit for searching/sorting data in neural networks

In 1992, M. Holler et al of Intel Corp publishes in conjunction with Nestor and DARPA
"A High Performance Adaptive Classifier using Radial Basis Functions", submitted to the Government Microcircuit Applications Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wherein a 1024 neuron RBF/RCE VLSI hardware component is proposed.