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Evaluation board for video and image recognition applications featuring one CM1K Chip, one Aptina video sensor, a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), a USB connector and variety of I/Os.

TheV1KU is an ideal candidate to evaluate the capabilities of the CM1K for the real-time learning and recognition of visual objects. Applications include part inspection, machine vision, surveillance, video monitoring, target tracking and more.


CogniMem V1KU Starter Kit + Windows SDK
CogniMem V1KU Board only



  • Micron/Aptina monochrome CMOS sensor (60 fps)
  • CogniMem CM1K Chip with 1024 Neurons
  • Recognition engine programmed in Actel IGLOO FPGA
  • 16 MB of SRAM, 4 MB of Flash memory
  • High-speed USB
  • RS485 at 921,600 kbits
  • 2 opto-isolated output lines

CogniSoft™ - Image Training System

The Image Training System software is intended for use with the V1KU module when configured with the CogniSoft™ engine for object recognition. You can adjust the video acquisition settings, define a region of interest and teach the neurons to recognize and classify this region. Once satisfied with the accuracy of the recognition, you can activate the use of the I/O lines to interface directly with actuators and other applications. The knowledge built by the neurons during the teaching phase can be saved to file for later use and even distribution to other V1KU boards.



  • View the live video images to adjust the positioning of the camera
  • Adjust the sensor settings to obtain the best image quality
  • Define the region of interest to monitor
  • Teach up to 1024 categories of objects
  • Monitor a region of interest in live images
  • Record images to disk based on the content of the image
  • Activate the output lines of the camera
  • Save the knowledge you have built by teaching examples


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