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CogniSoft™ Software Development Kits

Multi-hardware platform / multi-operating system compatibility

Our CogniSoft SDKs simplify the integration of machine learning and communicating with our hardware, freeing you to focus on developing your application.

Multiple versions of the CogniSoft SDK are available, choose the version that best matches your application needs.

  • CogniSoft Express Edition
  • CogniSoft Professional Edition

Note: our SDKs provide full access to all of the CM1Ks capabilities.

Supported data types include vector patterns derived from any type of discrete feature vectors as well as digital sensor outputs such as vibration, sound, signal, image, video, etc...

  • Applications and Functionality
    • Building knowledgebases through either supervised and unsupervised sessions
    • Exact or fuzzy matching of patterns from stored knowledgebases
      • K Nearest Neighbors, search, de-duplication
      • Anomaly detection, novelty detection, clustering, modeling
    • Evaluate the size, throughput and accuracy of a knowledge
    • Saving and restoring knowledgebases from non-volatile storage
    • Single and batch mode operations
  • Contents
    • Compatible with all CogniMem evaluation boards
    • Source code examples provided in:
      • Android
      • C and C++
      • C#
      • Java
      • MatLab
      • Python
      • VB.NET
    • Supported operating systems:
      • Android
      • Linux
      • Windows XP
      • Windows Vista
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 8 (in testing)

CogniSoft Professional SDK (Full Featured)  $2,000  Buy