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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the V1KU board compatible with Windows 7?
Which board should I select for video recognition?
Can I use a V1KU if I am not a programmer?
Can I do target tracking with a V1KU?
Can the CM1k chip learn the entire image?
Can I use a color sensor?
Can I use a sensor with a pixel resolution greater than 8-bit?
Which board should I select to work with images saved to disk?
What is the meaning of different aspect ratios for teaching blocks?
Do you allow blocks with different aspect ratios within the same teaching session?
Can I delete specific neurons that were previously loaded with a feature?
How can I connect the PGA69 into a breadboard without “shorting” adjacent pins?
Does the POWERSAVE register of the CM1K effect the same functions as the B_STDBY pin of the CM1K-PGA69?
Can I develop an application in VB6 with the CogniSoft SDK?
Can I use integer or float values as input vector components?
When using the software emulator for the CM1K what are the differences?
What do you suggest for the ROI?
Can you explain what a degraded Neuron is?
How do you use the OPTO for strobing on the V1KU?
Provide example code to allow training data to be stored on the Flash Memory of the V1KU
For V1KU how could you increase the frame rate?
How can the user take advantage of the SDRAM on the V1KU?