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Distributors and Representatives

appletec logo Appletec - a leading Israeli distributor of electronics to the communications, industrial/medical, and defense markets.

appletec logo CoreEL - a leading Indian distributor in VLSI and Embedded system design services and intellectual property.

satori electric logo Satori Electric - a leading distributor of electronic components and equipment, with operations throughout Asia.

schillinger logo Schillinger - a manufacturer representative in Ind., Ky., Mich., Ohio, W. Va. and Western Pa. for leading electronic components.


elsi logoELSI - (European Laboratory for Sensory Intelligence) Center of excellence using CogniMem for sensors

elsi logoEmbedded Vision Alliance - The Embedded Vision Alliance is an alliance of companies with the primary objective to inspire and empower embedded system designers to use embedded vision technology.

everspin logoEverspin - Everspin Technologies Inc. a leading provider of the fastest non-volatile memory

gevicam logoGEViCAM - The first trainable gigabit Ethernet camera using CogniMem for selective transmission

gevicam logoGlobalSensing Technologies - Provider of embedded pattern recognition modules and solutions for pattern recognition applications


Renevatio - CTI is a proud sponsor of the South Placer County FIRST™ Robotics team


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