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Industrial Automation

Part inspection can be implemented by showing visual examples of good and bad parts without explaining why to a programmer. Because of its low cost, inspection stations can be distributed along production lines and reject parts as soon as they are found defective, thus reduce manufacturing costs and breakage and tear of the processing equipment.

Building Automation

Building automation provides many benefits to its owner- reduced building energy consumption, maintenance cost, increased security and safety through intelligent building systems. The CogniMem technology can enhance these benefits through multiple usage models. Key is detecting an event of interest real time to improve resources, safety, and energy utilization versus relying on human continuous / post review or intervention.

Consumer Products

With a wide range of new handheld appliances being offered to the consumer, new user interfaces and behavioral monitoring are on the rise. CogniMem technology offers low power pattern recognition processing that meet the very demanding cost,  battery life and real time performance requirements of these new products

Data Mining & Scientific

The analysis step of the Knowledge Discovery in Databases or data mining often relies on classifiers like neural network algorithms for doing parallel data searches. The CogniMem device is a direct implementation of the RBF (Radial Basis Function), RCE (Restricted Coulomb Energy) and KNN non- linear classifiers. Scientific applications can range from weather forcasting to cell phone microscope, lab on a chip to intelligent microarray.


CogniMem technology offers a unique performance/ cost/ power solution for the automobile. Many pattern recognition tasks are done over a wireless link to a server environment because of the massive parallel searches required. This type of access to computing resources is not possible in a car. CogniMem can solve these types of applications locally at a practical cost and power level.

Defense & Security

Tracking  objects of interest and detecting an event real time are naturals for the CogniMem technology. Practical distributed detection by many sensors can be made a reality with this technology. Real time event detection saves the user communication bandwidth as well as monitoring resources. Applications are numerous in the defense industry wherein neural network technology has been embraced. CogniMem is a direct hardware implementation.